luxx deck review tuck case backAlthough we love playing cards, we’ve not actually got excited about any new cards for a while, but these gorgeous Luxx Playing Cards from JP Playing Cards are really something else.

From the moment you open the pack you are struck by the quality. The tuck box is of much heavier weight card than a normal deck and has an embossed look with gorgeous metallic inks. The inside of the case is reflective silver foil throughout – which I’ve never seen before – and the custom seal on the deck reminds me of a wine bottle stamp of authenticity. I love the subtle inclusion of the JP logo on the front of the pack (nicely caught by the light in our photo).luxx deck review tuck case front
luxx deck review tuck case labelluxx deck review tuck case insideThe back design has a kind of classic elegance which would look good in a magic context or a classy poker game. The pips on the faces of the cad have a lovely outline effect which is more interesting than a standard USPCC pip.

luxx deck review fan backThis is the first deck we have seen in a while which isn’t printed by the USPCC. The cards feel slightly thicker (which I appreciate for card handling) and also have a smoother to the touch finish than the air-flow design. Curiously this means that although they handle well (and will fan etc. with minimal pressure) they actually feel less slippery so feel less likely to shoot out of your hand when first opened!

luxx deck review court cardsThe court cards area all tinted with individual shades – green for clubs, blue for spades, yellow for hearts and orange for diamonds (though those last two are very close in shade). This might sound garish but is actually pleasing to the eye.

There is only one joker – the other being a handy poker-rankings crib sheet. As a magician, I would probably have preferred to have two jokers and an extra crib-sheet – but this is a small quibble. (This is another difference to USPCC produced decks which often seem to have an extra blank or double-backed card which can be useful in some card magic).
luxx deck review jokerluxx deck review aces

luxx deck review back spreadCurrently available in blue (pictured) and also a rather attractive metallic orange.

We think this is a great debut deck – the first that JP Playing Cards have put out. We’re looking forward to further releases in this line. They have also produced some nicely branded accessories including a really smart Leather Porper Clip and a Dealer coin.

Available direct from JP Playing Cards for £8.99 (or less if you buy more than one deck).

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