poker test 2.0 trick of the monthWelcome to March. We’ve been excited by some of the new magic coming out recently – Blackpool always brings a number of worthy items. So here are a few things that have caught our eye, in no particular order…

First up is Poker Test 2.0. This has been getting a lot of attention as a very easy to do and very visual effect. 5 blank cards change into a brilliant poker hand with a different coloured back design. What a superb opener for your walkaround set. £21.99

draconian playing cards - trick of the monthAlthough we do more and more product reviews, we started off primarily as an informational site about new playing cards, so we like to keep you up to date on any interesting designs we see. The Draconian Playing Cards are a superb example of this. By the designer of the much admired Luxx Deck – and inspired (amongst other things) by one of my favourite authors – the design is based on Dragon scales and provides some beautiful displays. A gorgeous deck in blue or orange – only £9.99.

(For pure class factor, more cards which have caught our eye are the Monarch Playing Cards from Theory 11 – £6.89)

poker test 2.0 trick of the monthIf you’ll allow us a foray into one of our favourite areas of magic, the Jaks Wallet is a wonderful mentalism tool. It is a business card wallet which enables you to get a cheeky peek – and is made to the excellent standards of Jerry O’Connell. If you have even a passing interest in mentalism this is well worth a look. It’s £38.99 if you get it from somewhere we get a commission! But direct from our friends at PropDog (who now own the rights to the Jerry O’Connell material) it’s only £29.99.

And if mentalism isn’t your thing, but wallets are – we recommend checking out the new Fire Wallet 2 – which has a number of improvements over previous fire wallets and even includes a card to wallet feature!  Only £33.99.

We’ll have more information on a couple of new releases from BBM in the next week or so – so watch this space for some more in depth reviews.  Have a magical March!

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