matrix pad reviewThe Matrix Pad is a great new little pocket trick which combines some great ideas from different places to create a micro magic miracle. In effect, the performer draws for spots on a small post-it pad – one in each corner. These are then visually dragged so that they gather in one corner of the pad – and the sheet can then be torn off and given away.

You’re provided with a cleverly gimmicked pad and all the necessary to perform this straight away and some extra supplies in case you lose anything. Also a DVD which very simply demonstrates and explains the effect.

We think there’s a lot to like about this effect. It is very visual indeed – and uses everyday looking props which should attract little or no suspicion. It is very easy to do – with only one slightly more tricky move which I will mention later.

Teaching is very clear and easy to follow. There’s a ‘tips’ section, which adds a few details and finesses – including an extended treatment of what to do if you have sweaty fingers! There are also instructions (and the materials) to make your own pad if you ever need to replace it.

It is all but self-working, but there is one move which will require a little practise to get smooth. Without wanting to get into exposure territory, I found it tricky at first to do it without the paper ‘talking’ – but with some more practise I hope that would become easier – and in most normal working environments there would be enough noise to cover that.

My only real negative here is that the reset is a little fiddly. Richard Griffin, who created the effect, says you can do it in about 20 seconds in your hands, but for me it is still fiddly enough that I would be unlikely to use it more than once in a walkaround context. There is also a small risk that the gimmicks might fall off – which means you have to be a little more careful in storing and handling the pad than would be ideal for every day use.

But these small niggles aside, this is a great little effect. It takes up little pocket space, is easy to do, is visually appealing, and leaves the spectator with something they can take home and keep to remember you by. I also appreciate the touch of providing some spares and extras to make up a new pad. All in all, well worth a look.

Available direct from for £26.50 at time of writing.

Review copy kindly provided by Murphys Magic to whom dealer enquiries should be directed.

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