bicycle gold deck review tuck case frontWe haven’t done a new deck review for a while and so we were delighted when the Bicycle Gold Deck landed on our desk.  It has been out for a while now, but it is new to us, so here are our thoughts on this classy deck.

According to Elite Playing Cards, who designed the deck, this is the first in their ‘Premium Collection’ and it certainly smacks of some style.  The styling is influenced by Renaissance designs and the baroque features certainly appeal to my aesthetic.

The tuck case has nice clean lines and the gold and black contrast nicely.  The Bicycle logo is prominent – giving you confidence in the quality of the card stock.

bicycle gold deck review fanThe back design is even nicer in reality than it looks in the reduced size on the tuck case, and the gold border and intricate design makes a pleasing effect when fanning.

On the subject of fanning, the cards handle very well – they are the ordinary air-cushion finish and have enough thickness for flourishing.

bicycle gold deck review acesWe’re always a fan (sorry) of aces with significant sized pips and the pips on the gold tick that box nicely.  The filigree style artwork on top of the lightly patterned background almost makes them stand out in three dimensions.

The Jokers are a nice take on the harlequin idea – and again fill the card well.  You are also supplied with a useful (for magicians) matching blank card, and the ubiquitous advertising card.bicycle gold deck review jokers

bicycle gold deck review  court cards





The court cards are richly coloured – again adding a note of quality to the whole deck.

bicycle gold deck review tuck case backWe think this is a good-looking deck which would make a nice deck to play with or to perform with.  The limited run (5,000 only) will probably make it popular with the collectors to.

Available from Merchant of Magic for £9.50 at the time of writing.

Review copy kindly provided by Murphys Magic to whom dealer enquiries should be directed.

bicycle gold deck review spread

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