We feel like letting you know about all the new Bicycle cards in the UK has fallen a bit by the wayside with all the magic reviews we’ve been writing recently. So we’re going to commit to publishing a brief update around the middle of each month to make up for this. Here’s the first one!

karnival 1984 dose redux midnight purpleFirst up to mention are the 3 (yes THREE!) new Karnival decks put out by BBM. We’re going to do a more in depth look at these soon with lots of lovely pics – but here’s a teaser!

The Karnival 1984 deck is the only completely new design – the others are variations on older decks.  Find out more here.

bicycle ultimate universe cardsIf you want a really different and bold design, why not take a look at the Bicycle Ultimate Universe deck. I’m struggling to describe these – to me they look a bit like a techno take on Aztec culture! But draw your own conclusions. They are certainly bright (unless you go for the greyscale version) and bold. I can’t really imagine using them for magic – but a must for collectors.

bicycle midnight moonshine deckOn the rather more understated end of the spectrum is the Bicycle Midnight Moonshine deck.  A classy looking deck printed on high quality card which takes you back to a different era.

And finally (there are so many more releases but we can only mention a few of them) here is a gorgeous deck if, like me, you are a little bit of a Royalist at heart – or you just like your history.

tally ho british monarchy deckThe Tally Ho British Monarchy deck is just as it sounds – a deck based on and influenced by the history of the British Monarchy.  I love the elegant and detailed back design, and the concept – where every court card is depicts a monarch from British history.  It comes on premium card stock and is reasonably priced.  Well worth a look methinks!

Let us know if you’ve come across any noteworthy decks we should know about.

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