peter eggink phantom reviewWe hope you enjoyed your summer. I read two cracking magic books – Phantoms of the Card Table which is a fascinating read about the worlds of magic and gambling co-inciding and the new Alan Shaxon book (watch out for our review in a couple of days). But here are some new and noteworthy magic items for September.

I’m always a little nervous about recommending products I haven’t actually seen in person, but the trailer for Phantom looks really clean. If this gimmick does half the things it says (rising card, haunted deck – both with borrowed decks – also unscrewing bottle!) then it is amazing. We’ll probably take a look at this since it is so visual. But you can check it out yourself. £30.50 [UPDATE – we have now done a full review]

james paul antigravity magicHere’s another one that looks good – with amazing visuals. I can imagine having fun with Antigravity at home (rather than incorporating it into a formal show) – balancing a glass at impossible angles. £21

jason yu - sans minds - impaleAnd whilst we’re on crazy visuals, check out Impale.  The video on this has to be seen to be believed – but the illusion of the Sharpie sinking through the deck of cards looks too good to be true. And I’m told there is no deck switch involved. We haven’t played with it yet but looks amazing. £36.99

There are loads of new decks out and we’ll feature a few of them in the middle of the month, but to wet your appetite why not check out the White Spirit Deck? This is an attractive deck from Gamblers Warehouse in understated whites and golds and classical styling. I love the look of the court cards. £9.75.
spirit white trick of the month
And finally, can we just give another plug for the newly released Awesome Self Working Card Tricks DVD? We used a few of these on holiday and they went down very well. You can read our full review here – well worth £19.99.

That’s it for now. We’ve got loads of new magic reviews coming out in the coming month – so do follow us on twitter (@magicbikecards) or keep up to date on Facebook so you don’t miss a post.

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