Some of us are old enough to remember David Copperfield performing ‘Misled’ on a television special. Alan Rorrison’s Sharpie through Bill takes this effect to the next level and as its name suggests, enables you to give the impression that a regular sharpie slowly and visually melts through a borrowed bank note.

What do you get

A 20 minute DVD which explains how to make the necessary gimmick and how to perform this great little effect. SansMinds’s Herman is on his usual exuberant form in promoting the effect at the beginning of the DVD, and he also takes you through the full explanation. The DVD also includes a couple live performance videos captured in as street magic context.
alan rorrison - sharpie through bill - review

What do we like

It is fairly easy to do – you’ll only need a little practise to get this smooth. It is instantly re-set. The spectator provides the note and can handle the Sharpie. The visuals are fantastic! You’re probably already carrying a Sharpie around – so no real pocket space implications. The Sharpie can be used in other effects without any concerns.

The tiny negatives

You have to make your own gimmick – but to be honest this is a relatively pain-free experience. We’re not talking about complicated craft handywork here. It is slightly angle-sensitive – you do really need to be face on to the audience – so in certain performance circumstances this wouldn’t work so well. But otherwise there is very little to dislike about this. It’s beauty is in its simplicity.

All in all

This is a great concept. Combine it with any other gimmicked sharpie you already use (e.g. Sharpie Through Anything) to open up even more possibilities. A great moment of visual magic which will stick in your spectators’ minds – if you perform this well they will be convinced that the Sharpie really did pass right through the bank note.

Sharpie through Bill is available from for £19.99 (at the time of writing).

Review copy kindly provided by Murphys Magic to whom dealer enquiries should be directed.

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