Mitox - The Falsely Spoken Word I am increasingly finding myself drawn to performing mentalism (and no I don’t think it is just the Derren Brown thing!) and Mitox promises not only 20 ‘real world’ mentalism effects, but also some invaluable thoughts and tips on creating your own routines and tricks. I’ve not read it yet, but if it is as good as the reviews, it is a bargain at £27.50
The Crazy Man's Deck I like to highlight the bargains when I see them, and this is Sean Taylor’s take on the Invisible Deck routine. It is a very funny presentation and is more or less self-working, and at the moment is only £7.64.
Strong Magic by Darwin Ortiz - Book I make no excuses for including two books this week, but this one is not about secrets of tricks, but the secrets of performing. I have just finished reading this and it is an incredible insight into the mind of Darwin Ortiz, who is known for his own success in the card magic world. Here he helps you understand what goes into making magic effective, and analytically breaks down every element of the performance of close-up magic. A stimulating and rewarding read. £29.99.
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