Frozen in Time by Masuda A friend performed this at the club the other day and it was amazing. In essence a photograph which includes a watch proves to show the exact time that the spectator selects. Only one photograph, in view all the time. Very clever working and extremely easy to do – so you can concentrate on the presentation. My kind of trick. £64.99
Limited Edition This is another ‘old’ trick which deserves to be rediscovered. A spectator’s merely thought of card totally vanishes from your hands. It was watching Eugene Burger perform a variation on this that convinced me of its value. An easy and impressive version of the Princess Card Trick. Only £12.97
WRATH - By Daniel Madison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD This is a new one and is available as an instant download. Very visual. Burn the whole deck and restore just the spectator’s card. Watch the demo for a great effect. £9.99.
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