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Further Education by John ArcherAlthough this site is primarily about card magic, the flavour of this DVD is mentalism. Before you get too worried, several of the items do involve cards, and it just so happens to contain the Penn & Teller fooling routine with envelopes and bank notes. John is a superb performer and Further Education comes highly recommended. £29.99


Move Over and Go is a new effect to me – it is a kind of matrix routine with playing cards with an extra surprise at the end of the routine. Pretty easy to do – and a bargain at only £10.50

Magic and Meaning Expanded by Eugene Burger and Robert Neale - Book

If you have been in magic for more than a little while you will no doubt have come across the legendary Eugene Burger. However, it is only this last week that I have been reading a book by Robert Neale – and loving it! He is a great thinker on magic and has come up with some wonderful presentations. This book is all about the theory and presentation of magic – and as such is suitable for magicians who are more serious about their art. (if you would like to investigate some of Neale’s presentations, try – This is not a book) Only £29.99

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