September – traditionally the time for the new term to start, but how about some new magic?…

Card Dodgery by Vanishing Inc - Book
If you are in to your card magic then J K Hartmann’s work is always worth a look. Card Dodgery is his latest (and final?) book and promises something for everyone – whatever your level of experience. £27.99

Bicycle Silver Steampunk by USPCC - TrickCards, cards, cards, cards… The stylish Doomsday deck is now available in blood red. A hint of the Mayan adds intrigue to this new limited edition deck of Bicycle cards. £9.49

And if you like to see all the latest variant cards, how about a Silver version of the Bicycle Steampunk – £6.50.

Genetics by Sean Goodman - DVD

We really like the look and premise of Genetics. Not going to say more now because hope to do a proper review in the next week or so… Watch this space, or purchase it now for £33.99.

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