Latex by NefeschAt we love all things close up magic, so we were delighted to get a look at one of the latest effects from MagicTao – Latex. This is a very visual signed coin through balloon and has the added bonus of a popped and restored balloon. And did we mention it is very visual!

As with all Tao releases the DVD is of good quality with extremely clear and detailed explanations. This is just as well, because the set up required is fairly fiddly. But great art requires hard work and once the set up is done you are set for some astonishing magic.

You really can see the coin coming through the balloon – the effect is uncanny. So it is worth the set up.

A couple of versions of the routine are explained – one with and one without the pop/restoration of the balloon. I think this adds an nice extra phase and also leaves you clean. The DVD is full of tips on the type of balloons, colours to use, preparation etc.

I think this is a nice effect. If you are looking for something really visual with ‘everyday’ props, you won’t go far wrong with Latex, especially at a very reasonable £15.99. Available direct from MagicTao.

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