But Not Here (BLUE gimmick) by Mark ElsdonBut not here is a new (ish!) effect from Mark Elsdon – which was launched last year as far as we know. I’ve always been a fan of Mark’s work and so was eager to have a look at this. Not time for a full review today but some brief thoughts. And if you make it to the end you’ll also find a discount code for Merlins of Wakefield

What the audience sees…
The demo which is widely available is very fair. The spectator ‘freely’ thinks of a card which is then found to be written on the back of a random card the performer has cut to.

If you’re thinking like a magician, you may find the ‘freeness’ of the choice rather restrictive. But the truth is, with a bit of presentation this will sail pass a layperson. There are plenty of ‘convincers’ built in to the routine and it has real punch. Instructional DVD is clear and straightforward. It contains a section on variations and alternatives – I was expecting a bit more here if I’m honest, but what was here was worth a look.

The deck is really a one trick pony – but for all that can be handled very freely in the context of the routine. There is some one time set up but it will only take you five minutes to do. As with all mentalism type effects, it is your presentation which will make or break this – don’t take it ‘on the road’ unless you have polished that up. Positively, there are not really any moves to speak of so you can concentrate on presentation.

In brief – we like it, and will almost certainly use it. If you like your card magic with a mental flavour you could do much worse than splashing out £24.99.

[We got ours at Merlins of Wakefield who at the time of writing have a January sale on with 15% off everything – use the code ‘Jan15‘ before Saturday 19th January – and at Merlins it is only £22.99 to start with!]

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