BLACK gatorbacks david blaineCan a deck of new cards make you a better magician? No. But the quality of the cards you use can affect the whole way you feel about your performance – and how your audience feel too. Here’s a sneak peak at a few more new cards that are now available in the UK. Let us know which are your favourites!

There’s something about black backs which always look classy. These Black Gatorbacks are no exception – and the embossed tuck case is gorgeous. And if you’re in to black styling, check out the Double Black Playing Cards too.

ornate white edition amethyst playing cardsStriking design and another gorgeous tuck box make these Orante White Amethyst Edition playing cards well worth a look. Produced by HOPC and designed by Randy Butterfield they are every bit as classy as you would expect.

bicycle blossom playing cardsAloy Studios consistently knock out nice cards, and their latest two with a seasonal feel are no exception. The Spring Blossom Deck is a fine example with Linoid finish and a really limited run of only 2200 – making it very collectable. You should also check out the similar Fall Blossom Deck.

bicycle island deckFor a completely different feel, how about the Island Deck?  Everything is custom designed, taking inspiration from the film Shutter Island.  I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea, but it is certainly an unusual design. (If you want an even more unusual approach – take a look at the the Physique Deck – inspired by, well, beautiful physiques…)

bicycle panthera collectable playing cardsI think my daughter would love the tiger themed Panthera Deck. Whilst I’m not such a fan of the dark card faces, the back design is fabulous and will give you beautiful fans and spreads and the hand-drawn tigers are stunning.

And if you’re reading this on publication date – you might still have a chance to win a beautiful Divine Deck in our competition!

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