fantasma metamorphtrix magic setDing dong merrily on high – Christmas is almost upon us – so there is a slightly festive theme to our Trick of the Month. In the past our recommendations on magic sets for young or aspiring magicians have been popular. So we’ll kick off with them, and then add a few others not to miss – ideal for you or the magical one you love this Christmas!

If you really want to go to town on a magic set then the Metamorphtrix set from Fantasma is the one. An enormous number of tricks, some good quality props and an instructional DVD. But it rocks in at £49.99.

de luxe magic set by las vegas magic companyTo my mind the Deluxe Magic Set by the Las Vegas Magic Company is a very credible alternative with some classic pro quality tricks for only £34.50

joshua jay complete magicianBut our top recommendation is probably still the
Joshua Jay Complete Magician set.  This consists of a book plus a DVD plus a few key props. Joshua is a fantastic teacher – and I have a bias towards books as many readers will know. £34.99

There have been a load of new cards out recently so we’ll do a special ‘Christmas Cards‘ (pun intended!) post in a few days.  But here are a few more new and notable releases – which would of course make great Christmas gifts for that special magician in your life…

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">I haven’t physically seen this yet – but I’m very excited about it. There seem to have been a whole plethora of different approaches to this problem recently – the in view switch of a card/billet – but this looks the best I’ve seen. One of the great features of Mystery Solved is that you can be seen to place something in at the beginning of the routine. £59.50

steve haynes fair play reviewThis is the UK edition of a trick that has really caught my eye. Fair Play looks like the perfect prediction effect to have about your person (OK – on your keyring) – so you are set to perform some amazing magic at a moment’s notice – and better still it is very easy to do. £29.99

Our final plug will only be of interest to a few I suspect.  I don’t actually perform stage illusions (and this is a close up magic blog!) but I LOVE reading about them.  One of the UK’s leading illusion designers has just released his magnum opus – the Confictura of Thomas Moore – and if you have any interest at all in this field you should really check out this serious (and heavy!  3KG!) book.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to check back for the latest news, reviews and Bicycle cards! We’ve got a new John Bannon effect and a new Liam Montier DVD to review in the next few weeks.  So much exciting magic to enjoy!

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