richard sanders pricelessThe first suggestion this month was the easiest recommendation we’ve had in a long time. Priceless, by Michel Huot and Richard Sanders, looks to be just about the perfect walkaround effect (though it would also play on stage on cabaret contexts too). In essence, any price named by your spectator can be found on a security tag and price tag attached to your jacket! It’s got interaction, humour and great magic. What more could you want? £42.99


Here’s a good looking deck from the folk at Theory 11. Designed in the US (and so a token hat tip to my extended visit here) the Citizen deck has a beautiful intricate design and comes in a fine embossed tuck case. We haven’t handled them in person but they look as if they would bring a bit of class to any performance and for the collectors you may be able to get hold of one of the wooden collectors boxes. £9.50. (If you are a collector or a serious magician, you may also like to take a look at the Royal Zen Playing Cards at £18.99)

vanishing ring box sans mindsI’ll be honest, I still usually vanish a ring in a handkerchief, but SansMinds seem to have produced a superb new way of vanishing a ring – in an innocent looking ring box. There is a clear logic to using a ring box – and it may be more reassuring for the spectator than your (snotty?!) handkerchief. This looks super. Now you just need to think about how you’re going to reproduce it! The Vanishing Ring box is currently reduced to £99.99. Well worth a look.

(By the way, if you don’t yet have a way of reproducing it, the Rolls Royce of the impossible location options is Dave Bonsall’s superb Ring Flight Revolution.  You may also consider the excellent Departure Ring Flight.)

That’s all for now. We have some really exciting news about the future of this site which we hope to announce in the next few days…

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