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Steve Cook – Symbol – Review

steve cook symbol review

Symbol is a nice and direct mind-reading/influence/psychological (or however you choose to dress it up) effect from the ever creative Steve Cook. In essence you demonstrate that you have predicted the spectator’s free choice of one of 6 symbols.

What do you get?

You’re supplied with a set of nicely printed ESP type cards with a few extra cards which give you scope for a couple of different handlings. The images on the cards are very boldly printed with vivid colours and with care should last a good length of time. You also get an ungimmicked envelope to contain your prediction and an instructional DVD.
steve cook symbol review

The DVD is very straightforward – a performance and explanation all done on a sofa with Peter Nardi in conversation with Dave Loosley. It is clearly filmed and easy to follow – it loses a mark for not including a live performance for real people – but that is a small niggle. It runs just under half an hour and explains everything you need to know very clearly. In addition to the performance and explanation there are a few further ideas and slightly different ways to handle the prediction at the end.

What do we think?

This is one of the nicest effects we have looked at in recent times. It is a simple plot which is easy to follow for the spectator but leaves them with nowhere to go in terms of explanation. Steve Cook has taken an old idea in magic and used it in a very subtle way which makes it extremely strong.

Many routines of this kind require some kind of odd ‘counting procedure’ or else have a number of different outcomes, some of which are weaker than others. There is nothing of that in Symbol. All the outcomes are strong and there isn’t much memory work required on the part of the performer. The prediction is in full view from the start which is a massive bonus.

The performance you watch benefits from Peter Nardi’s confidence in adding dressing to the routine – you will need to think carefully about how to present this to make it an entertaining routine rather than just a puzzle. But I hope you’ll be doing that for all your magic!

It doesn’t take up much space in the pocket (and, by the way, will be going straight into mine!) and reset is pretty much instant. I’m finding it very hard to find anything bad to say about it.

Highly recommended and available direct from Merchant of Magic for £21.50 (at the time of writing).

Review copy kindly provided by Murphys Magic to whom dealer enquiries should be directed.

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  1. Steve Cook

    Hi Phil, Many thanks for your honest and excellent review of my effect: ‘Symbol’. So glad you like it. The re views have been excellent and it has sold tremendously well, and I am both pleased and humbled by that. Thanks again. Best, Steve.

    • admin

      Hi Steve. Thanks for popping by. We do try to be honest in all our reviews – and I really liked Symbol! Looking forward to your next release…

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