matthew wright - visions - magicThis month we’re going to include a number of the effects which stood out at the recent Blackpool Magicians’ Conference – which is one of the biggest of its kind in Europe.

First up is a lovely effect by the marvellous Matthew Wright. He has a knack of coming up with workable magic – often with a mental magic theme. Visions combines a prediction of a card and a thought of image. His instructional material is always worth learning from – he has a wealth of real-world performing experience to back it up. Available any day (depending on when you read this!) for £29.50.

ryan schlutz mr lifto magicWe’ve enjoyed a number of releases by the clever American magician Ryan Schlutz and so Lifto is certainly worth a look (we hope to do a proper review shortly). In brief – a chosen card lost is in the pack. Then a bunch of cards stick to your hand – and then fall off leaving only the chosen card there. Only £21.50

Angelo Carbone The Gift magicAnother new release which seems to have had quite an impact is Angelo Carbone’s The Gift – an exceptionally clean looking prediction effect using a lovely gift box as a prop. It’s getting some wow reviews (and again, we hope to do our own soon) but if you can’t wait, is available for £71.99.

Deck ONE Industrial Edition Playing Cards by Theory 11We’re planning to do another feature on the latest bunch of Bicycle cards released in the UK, but just to wet your appetite, why not have a look at Deck One – Industrial Edition by Theory 11. This is a re-release of an earlier deck, but in a new and stronger tuck case which emphasises the orginal vision. A nice deck and reasonably priced at £9.99.

We hope these ideas get you going through the murky month of March. Watch out, too, for our February competition, which with breathtaking originality we’ve decided to run in March!

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