Another gimmicked card wonder from Mickael Chatelain – but is his Vision perfect or clouded? Find out in our review.

It’s hard to describe the nature of the gimmick without exposure. But essentially Chatelain has incorporated an old gambling gimmick into a playing card.

Apart from the (well-made) gimmicked card, you also get a link to a relatively minimal 9 minutes of explanation via video. This has been filmed in a café – and whilst not ‘high production value’ is perfectly adequate for communicating what needs to be communicated.

The video teaches two effects (though the gimmick could be used for others):

Vision Touch – the spectator shuffles and freely handles an ordinary deck. They then name a card, and without looking at their faces you can locate their chosen card. I found this effect entirely underwhelming. The most likely explanation which would enter the head of a thinking spectator (that the deck is m**ked) would actually be a much easier and more versatile way of performing the same effect.

Mickael Chatelain - Vision - reviewThe second routine – isn’t even given a name. The spectator chooses a card and you are able to reveal what it is. In this ‘routine’ the gimmick effectively performs a function which could easily be carried out with fairly basic sleight of hand.

A failure of vision?

If you pushed me, I think this gimmick is solving a problem that doesn’t exist. Perhaps I am just failing to see the possibilities, but I am really struggling to recommend this one.

On the plus side, apparently it sold out at Blackpool 2017! So perhaps I’ve radically underestimated this. Or perhaps they just didn’t take much stock with them…

Vision is available in RED or BLUE version from for £23.50 (at the time of writing).

Review copy kindly provided by Murphys Magic to whom dealer enquiries should be directed.

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