We don’t have a competition running at the moment, but watch this space for our next one!

Previous Competition Winners

April 2017
Congratulations to Chris F, Kevin G and Stephen L – who all won a Merchant of Magic voucher in our Easter giveaway.

Christmas 2016
Congratulations to Andy C and James C – winners of our Christmas giveaway who received a copy of Jimmy Strange’s Parallax and a Mystery Package respectively.

October 2016 – Automata 3 giveaway
Congratulations to Peter W who won a copy of Automata 3 in our October competition with the Merchant of Magic.

August 2016 – Summer giveaway
Congratulations to Rich C who won a copy of Strongman and to Andy P who won a copy of Move Zero Volume 2 in our August giveaway with the Merchant of Magic.

June 2016 – Merchant of Magic Playing Card Giveaway
Congratulations to Daniel O, Shelly L and Lenny D who all won vouchers to spend on playing cards in our £50 giveaway.

Mad March – Early Easter – Elliptica Giveaway
Congratulations to Aidan M, Ian B and Charlotte I who all won 4 random Luxx decks each.

Christmas 2015 Giveaway
Congratulations to Lyndon W, Thomas W, Gaz N, Rob B, James C, Derek E, Ian B, Alistair J, Gareth F, Chris, Sam H, I S, Kev G, Barry E, Graham C, Phil H, Brian S and Dave C who all won wonderful Luxx decks or Carat Card Cases in our epic giveaway.

Summer 2015
Congratulations to Jenn H and Alison M who both won beautiful limited edition Luxx v2 decks with holographic seals.

1500 Likes Giveaway
Congratulations to Maxine P who won a beautiful Divine Deck.

Amazing Summer Giveaway 2014
Congratulations to Stuart N, Neil E, Mark W, Chris F, Matt H, Ian B, Ryan C, Nural A, Ryan W, Adrian S, Richard C, Jay W, Mikki G and Malcolm O – who all won prizes in our fabulous £330+ Summer Giveaway!

Late Spring 2014
Congratulations to Neil E who won a copy of Ultimate Self-Working Card Tricks Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3 in our summer competition.

Pre-Christmas 2013
Congratulations to Tony N, Zoe S and Tom P who all won a Floral Deck and several card storage boxes in our pre-Christmas competition.

Summer 2013
Congratulations to Thomas H, Adrian S and Nick T who won a Discoverie Deck, Karnival Elite Deck and a Karnival Gold Deck respectively.

USWCT2 2013
Congratulations to Mark W who won a great self-working bundle from BigBlindMediaUltimate Self-Working Card Tricks Vol 1, Ultimate Self-Working Card Tricks Vol 2 and the Annihilation Deck.

Spring 2013
Congratulations to Malcolm O, Andrew S, Robert P and Sam W who all won a deck of Karnival Renegade or Karnival Assasin cards!

Valentine’s 2013
Congratulations to David T who won a rather lovely deck of Aurum cards.

Christmas 2012
Congratulations to Karl A who won the splendid Coterie Bee deck.

Halloween 2012
Congratulations to Nick T and Jordan O’G who won three decks of Karnival Cards each.

Steampunks September 2012
Congratulations to Benjamin H who won the Steampunk Deck.

Summer 2012
Congratulations to Danny L who won a Dark Deco Deck.

Valentines 2012
Congratulations to Matt P who won a copy of the Elmsley Count Project DVD.

Christmas 2011
Congratulations to Michael L and John D who won a deck of Karnival Hornets and Karnival Midnights respectively.

Summer 2011
Congratulations to Amer C and Teja B who won a Phoenix and Gargoyle deck respectively.

Halloween 2010

Congratulations to Jane A, Malcolm O and Lorna P who each won one of the new Diavoli Productions decks.


  1. Max

    I love cards… specially if they are FREE!!!!!!

  2. Hayley Atkins

    I dont have a favourite because they are all stunning!

  3. Jennifer Haden

    My favourite cards are just the basic bicycle cards, but I’d love to try these out too, they look so unique!

  4. tracy nixon

    I love my Aspinal of London playing cards! They are lilac and purple and great to handle!

  5. iain maciver

    love card tricks

  6. To use in a magic scenario, I just like standard Bicycle cards (ALWAYS red backed).

  7. Paula Readings

    I love levitation tricks, always make me smile.

  8. Daniel Todd

    I would just like to learn any trick

  9. emma kinsey

    card tricks

  10. Alison Macdonald

    Bicycle cards are THE best! Or so my 10 year old son tells me 🙂

  11. Alistair Jack

    Just returned from a fantastic weekend away only to receive an email letting me know I had won on the Christmas competition. All in all an excellent end to the weekend. Thanks to all at Bicycle Cards and J P Playing Cards.

  12. Sam Salvador

    Heyyy so…i wish i could be one of the winners.Im practicing card tricks and i thunk it would be better if i would use bicycle cards.Thanks!!😉

  13. Sam Salvador

    Heyyy.Uhmmm well im practicing card tricks with my cousin’s cards.Well i was just thinking that it would be better if i would use bicycle cards.Thanks!!😉

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